Phase II Raleigh

Getting Started


We encourage you to take advantage of our 2 FREE sessions. It's the best way for you to see first hand how we can help you achieve your goals. Go to the 'Contact Us' page and submit your information. A trainer will contact you to schedule your free sessions.


1st Complimentary Session

This session begins with a consultation where you and a trainer discuss your goals, medical history, & exercise history. The trainer will then lead you through a workout to assess flexibility, strength, & range of motion.


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2nd Complimentary Session

This session begins with a workout specific to your goals. Following the workout your trainer will discuss and provide a clear picture of what your exercise program will consist of to ensure success.


Client Information Packet

This questionnaire provides us with the information we need to design a personalized program for you. Complete it prior to your 1st complimentary session and bring it with you to give to your trainer.

Daily Nutrition and Exercise Log

Use this form to track your food intake and daily activities.